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  • Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, and it’s always sunny and 70 degrees. You can read the following for fun facts about UCLA.
  • UCLA was established in 1919 by the Southern Brand of UC Berkeley. It is the only major research institution founded in the 20th Century.
  • John Wooden, UCLA’s legendary coach, guided the team to seven consecutive NCAA championships, which is remarkable. There has never been a coach to win more than two NCAA titles in succession.
  • UCLA is located in the heart of Hollywood, and you can see it in many movies and TV shows. Examples include Legally Blonde and Californication.
  • Royce Hall (shown at the top) is completely asymmetric. It has many architectural inconsistencies, including the number of windows per side and the brick patterns used.

6 Fun Facts about UCLA

  • A living bear used to play on the UCLA football field until the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum banned it.
  • Like all other UC Schools, UCLA has two colors: True Blue and Gold. These were chosen to represent California’s wildflowers and oceans.
  • UCLA students participate in the “Midnight Yell” during finals week. It sounds exactly like it does. They shout at midnight to take a break from their studies!
  • UCLA’s football team used to be called the Grizzlies. However, the University of Montana owned the rights. UCLA changed its name to the Bruin in 1928.
  • UCLA’s original location was in Hollywood, but it moved to Westwood Village in 1929.
  • Despite having a large student population, UCLA is the smallest UC campus (2nd smallest). UCLA occupies only 419 acres, 10% less than the campus at UC Davis (5300 acres).

Amazing Fun Facts About UCLA

  • The Daily Bruin newspaper at UCLA, which has been awarded the Best Newspaper in Los Angeles, is currently the third most widely circulated newspaper in Los Angeles.
  • UCLA’s study tradition is one of the most interesting facts. UCLA students take part in “Midnight Yell” during finals week. They shout at midnight to stop studying.
  • In 1969, UCLA created the Internet. They sent Stanford University the first Internet transmission. After the transmission was sent, the computer that sent it crashed.
  • A group of students covered a portion of the Hollywood Sign in 1993 to show the fierce rivalry between USC and UCLA.
  • UCLA was the first university ever to achieve the 100-championship mark. UCLA had won 129 national championships as of July 2019, including 118 team championships. This is more than any other university except Stanford.
  • The name of UCLA has been changed three times. In 1881 originally it was called “Los Angeles Normal School”. The school was renamed “University of California Southern Branch” in 1919. The University of California at Los Angeles was established in 1927. The final slight change to the current name was ‘The University of California Los Angeles’ in 1953. Someone felt the buyer’s regret.

These Are Some Of The Most Bizarre Fun Facts About UCLA.

  • Nearly all UCLA freshmen live on campus. A staggering 97% of them live in on-campus housing. This is a great way to meet many new people immediately!
  • The USC-UCLA annual football game’s winner receives the ‘Victory Bell.’ This tradition began in 1941 when USC students stole UCLA’s 295-pound bell. You read correctly, 295 pounds. This led to a series of pranks among students at both schools.
  • UCLA will host two sports during the 2028 Summer Olympics – judo and wrestling. UCLA will be home to the Paralympic Games and the Olympic Village.
  • Janss Steps comprises 87 steps and is recommended for anyone visiting UCLA.
  • UCLA’s Olympic Medal-winning athletes have 261 medals, which is more than most countries medal count!
  • More than 68 Greek-letter groups are on campus. UCLA is home to many social, academic, and cultural fraternities and sororities. They donate hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to philanthropic organizations and throw many parties. They are a lot of fun!
  • To represent California’s wildflowers and ocean, the university chose the colors “True Blue” (or “Gold”) from UCLA.

The Fun Facts about UCLA You Need To Know

  • UCLA’s football team, the “Bruins,” was formerly known as the “Cubs” in its early years.
  • UCLA’s football team used to be called the “Grizzlies,” but the University of Montana changed it to the “Bruins” name in 1928. UCLA was a younger extension of UC Berkeley.
  • UCLA attempted to use live bears for mascots, which is one of the most interesting fun facts. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum prohibited live bears from entering UCLA’s football field during UCLA home games. Joe Bruin was therefore created in 1960. Josephine Bruin was also present at 1967 sporting events.
  • In 1949, Coach Red Sanders decided to use the “Powder Keg Blue” uniforms for UCLA’s football team. He added a gold stripe to the shoulders to set his outfit apart from other UC schools, all wearing blue and golden.
  • UCLA was home to James Dean, a cultural icon, and Jim Morrison, a well-known musician from The Doors. Morrison met Ray Manzarek, a fellow UCLA alum and after graduating from UCLA’s film program.
  • John Wooden was UCLA’s basketball coach and won ten national championships. There are no other schools that have won as many national championships. With eight national championships, Kentucky ranks second.
  • In 1919, the UCLA. It is the only prestigious American research center established in the 20th Century. Every year, it sets new records.
  • UCLA’s top five most sought-after undergraduate programs are business economics and psychology.

Some Interesting Fun Facts about UCLA

  • The UCLA campus was not always located in Westwood Village. It was located in Hollywood, near Los Angeles City College. UCLA selected Westwood over Burbank in 1929 to be its new home.
  • Royce Hall, College Library (now Powell Library), Physics Building (now Humanities), Chemistry Building, and Physics Building were the four first structures built on the Westwood Campus (now Haines Hall). This location is also known as the “Royce Quad” and “Main Quad.” Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451, a wonderful book, in Powell Library in 1951.
  • UCLA’s location in a crowded area within a large city makes it one of the smallest UC campuses (second-smallest). He liked this because he was searching for a peaceful place far from his home. UCLA’s campus covers only 419 acres (10%), less than UC Davis’s (5,300 acres).
  • Dickson Plaza is crossed over by a road that acts as a bridge. Although the road crossed a ravine, it was eventually filled with earth. However, the bridge is still in use today. A “Bridge” sign can be seen right next to it.
  • The Daily Bruin is an award-winning publication published by UCLA that is third in Los Angeles. This is one of the many fun facts about UCLA that has brought pride to alumni and students. It has been consistently rated the best college newspaper in America due to its popularity.

FAQs: Fun Facts about UCLA

These Are Three Interesting Facts About UCLA.

It is the only major research institution in America that was established in the 20th Century. UCLA is the university that receives the highest number of college applications. It sets new records every year. UCLA students participate in “Midnight Yell,” during finals

What Is UCLA Most Famous For?

UCLA is synonymous with academic excellence and athletic excellence. It has 15 Nobel Laureates and 15 MacArthur Fellows.

UCLA Is So Special

The site gives UCLA an A+ rating, with special recognition for its academics and diversity emphasis. Niche also places UCLA on the top list for Best College Campuses in America and Best College Food in America.

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